My name is Fallon (20) and I am the owner of WURMPY!

Since January 2020 I have been registered at the Chamber of Commerce and started WURMPY! In July a beautiful store was added to support the webshop even better. We sell many different gift items for the smallest wurmpies up to the age of 8 years. We sell toys, clothing, accessories and much more fun! You can also contact us in the store in Alkmaar for baby showers!

Besides that all products look nice, I also find it important that there is a correct story behind it. With WURMPY I hope to make more people aware of products that are produced entirely organically, recycled plastic, fair paid workers, etc. You can go on and on.

Many of our products currently have a 'green' edge or a special story!
In the store and online I strive to sell more and more sustainable products. We are not there yet, but we are certainly on the right track! :)